Die Zukunft der Abfallwirtschaft
Economic advantage through


Use of assistive technology

The use and spread of robotics is advancing rapidly. At Brantner, many innovative technologies are combined to use the best of all of them. Almost all regular processes are suitable for automatisation. In this way, one can get a continuous and objective high quality data stream. 

Autonomous robotic platforms make many tasks easier for us humans, so that we can focus on other activities. If the data is also stored in a data warehouse and access to it is highly performant - then processes can be optimised and improved. 

Distinction in business is an increasingly important criterion - let us assist you. We will be happy to advise you on where this technology can best be used in your company.


Our robots move independently and safely in their tasks.

We can simplify your processes and make the best use of current technology.

Along with prominent scientific institutions, Brantner is a frontrunner in this position.

We do not develop laboratory projects - we develop practical solutions.

By using autonomous platforms, quality-assuring inspections can be carried out automatically.

By combining both worlds, we can create enormous added value.

What does Brantner do?

Brantner is breaking completely new ground and developing the first fully autonomous garbage robot of tomorrow. We even go one step further and use it in the "Blue Lagoon" - a prefabricated house park in the south of Vienna. 

Robotics projects


Project Scarab

The project "Scarab" in cooperation with the "Blue Lagoon", is to prove today how a modern waste disposal of tomorrow can look like. The aim of this research project is to develop a...

Sensor technology

We support you with robot know-how


Every thought - innovation or design - is based on understanding.


A prototype is a quick and risk-free way to test a concept or process.


Tests are essential for a functioning product.

Sustainable construction

Combining usability, function and design into a successful product.

Individual robot design

Innovation, optimisation and continuous improvement.

Christoph Pasching - Head of digital Solutions - Brantner

Your contact for research & development

Ing. Christoph Pasching

Head of Digital Solutions