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Frost monitor sensors

Sensor vineyard

Thanks to our modular design, we can respond individually to different requirements. Our adaptable sensor platform is also very suitable for viticulture and orcharding. The possibility of connecting certified external additional sensors enables wine and fruit growers to combine soil moisture sensors with temperature sensors. Water...

Odour sensor


As we are operators of several modern composting plants, the latest innovative technology has also been introduced here. By means of digital temperature lances we determine the core temperature of our so-called compost windrows and can thus choose the optimal time when these "windrows" have to be turned. ...

Level sensors

Sensor on a bridge

With our modular sensor platform, we have been able to test our water level sensors in the district of Melk in the municipality of Hürm in a real environment. There are smaller feeder streams in the municipality that normally do not pose a problem for the population. However, when there are strong local storms, the...