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Economic advantage through

Modular sensor platform

We support you with smart sensor technology!

Thanks to state-of-the-art LoRaWan technology, our sensors communicate with a service in an extremely energy-saving way and transmit data as required. 

We are your one-stop shop - from specialist advice, to the optimal construction of your LoRaWan radio network, to the specialised use of our modular sensor platform. 

Our sensors can be used for a wide range of applications, from classic level measurements and specialised moisture measurements in viticulture to complex smart city projects where, among other things, the fine dust content can be measured. 

Advantages-Battery life

Battery life

Efficient battery management with replaceable cells - environmentally friendly!

Advantages 2 ways

2-way communication

Thanks to "over-the-air" communications, our sensors can also be configured remotely and are ready for the future.



"Long Range" - Depending on topography, up to 2km in urban areas and up to 15km in rural areas. 


Cost efficiency

Our sensors help to generate sustainable added value. Overall costs can considerably be reduced through optimised downstream processes. 

LoRa ecosystem

Sustainable development

We print the housings for our sensors out of recycled material with our 3D printer.



The sensors are tested for practical suitability in lengthy field tests and are constantly being further developed.


Whether or remote, we have 2 sensors "on board" which support you optimally. Tank levels or level measurements - no problem!

Simple measurements of environmental conditions.

You want to be notified when something is set in motion? No problem!

Optimal use of irrigation through soil moisture sensors.

Knowing remotely when bus stations need to be cleared of snow and ice - at any time of day? No problem!

We have developed a method to even operate a camera in a LoRaWan network.

Efficient power management enables long runtimes - but if this is still not enough, our solar panels can help in an environmentally friendly way. 

You have a special requirement - let's talk about it.

Does a component have a certain inclination and you want to document this automatically? No problem!

What does Brantner do?

Initially developed in the waste management sector, we have improved a sensor platform that meets all our requirements and which is also modular enough to be able to map almost any application. 

Projects Sensors

Sensor vineyard

Frost monitor sensors

Thanks to our modular design, we can respond individually to different requirements. Our adaptable sensor platform is also very popular in viticulture and fruit growing. The possibility of connecting certified external additional sensors...


Odour sensor

As we are operators of several modern composting plants, the latest innovative technology has also been introduced here. Using digital temperature lances, we determine the core temperature of our so-called compost heaps and...

Sensor on a bridge

Level sensors

With our modular sensor platform, we were able to test our water level sensors in the district of Melk in the municipality of Hürm in a real environment. In the municipality, there are smaller feeder streams that normally do not...

Sensor technology
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We support you with smart sensor technology!


Every thought - innovation or design - is based on understanding.


A prototype is a quick and risk-free way to test a concept or process.


Tests are essential for a functioning product.

Sustainable construction

Combining usability, function and design into a successful product.

Individual housing adjustment

Innovation, optimisation and continuous improvement.

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Head of Digital Solutions

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