Die Zukunft der Abfallwirtschaft
Economic advantage through

Artificial intelligence

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In times of a throwaway society, recycling is becoming increasingly important for the future. Our raw materials in this world are limited and we have to manage them well. 

One example of such an application area is that in the production of our bio-premium compost, we do not return any harmful impurities into the cycle of our food chain. With our "Hawkeye", we detect objects in real time and take the necessary measures depending on the process.  

The same technology is also used in our plastics sorting plant in Wölbling, where we are currently measuring the sorting depth of our plant. Here, artificial intelligence helps us to adjust our "separators" even more optimally.

Likewise, many other successful use cases also prove that our solution cannot only be perfectly employed in the waste management sector, but also in almost every other industrial sector.


You want to be notified immediately upon detection? - No problem!

The use of modern current technology allows us to "bring artificial intelligence to life".

Take control of the AI process by yourself without any previous specific know-how.

Store your data intelligently and safely for the future - this is where the secret strength of a neural network lies - we are happy to advise!

We always seek to implement the fastest, most agile and cost-effective solutions.

What does Brantner do?

Apart from researching future technologies for the finest waste stream separation, Brantner also successfully implements such technologies in practice. The use of artificial intelligence helps us to put important materials into the right cycle and to reuse them sustainably.  

Digitisation projects



With the Hawkeye project, Brantner has redefined the standard in image-based recognition of objects in waste management. With the help of our neural network, we can in real time...


Artificial intelligence

The technology we have developed and applied in the field of artificial intelligence can also be used in almost all other industrial sectors. With our individual dashboard, various interfaces or the...

Sensor technology

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